We’re playing Mama., originally uploaded by Justpowers.

Emma and Will playing together. It was sheer luck that I turned around at the very moment they were playing and even better luck that the Flip camera was within arm’s reach.

I am hoping that moments like this will outweigh moments like the one tonight where Emma sat on her brother and earned a time out in the process. Didn’t get that one on video. Sorry.

Ten days ago Will turned four months old.

He had his four month check up last week and measured 15 pounds, 8 ounces and 25 1/2″ long. Sixtieth percentile for both, so not GINORMOUS, but to us he seems huge. He is already in 6 month size clothes, which amazes Mike and me since we are so used to Emma who didn’t fit into 6 month stuff until the day she turned 6 months old. He seems to have lost most of the hair he was born with, but there is a new layer growing in underneath, so at least he isn’t completely bald.

His favorite toys are the johnny-jump-up thingy that hangs from the door frame or his activity center. Oh, and standing. He loves to stand and has been doing it for at least a month. He hates to be alone however, no matter what toy he is in. If everyone leave him he gets furious and cries until we return. And speaking of furious, he seems to have a wicked temper. He doesn’t get mad very often, but when he does, there is no mistaking it. He turns bright red and his eyes get wide and he screeches in a way that makes him sound like what I imagine a baby pterodactyl must have sounded like. It makes it a little hard not to laugh at him frankly, and I usually do. So I guess we have that to look forward to in his toddler years. Great.

Most nights he sleeps about 8-9 hours at a stretch before he wakes up to eat. He is still co-sleeping with us, but we have begun to transition him to his own bed. He now takes one nap a day in his crib. Sometimes it is an hour long, sometimes just 20 minutes, but the point is to get him acclimated to it, so that when we start putting him in it at night he is familiar with the smell and feel. His other nap of the day is usually on the fly, in his car seat, while we attend to some activity or outing for his big sister. Not recommended I guess, but what else can we do.

My surgery this month was a little stressful for both of us, since I couldn’t nurse for 24 hours afterwards, and then was only able to because I had stopped the vicodin they gave me to kill the pain. He seemed a little desperate during that 24 hours, sucking down as many bottles as we would give him, maybe hoping one of them would turn into the mode of conveyance he was used to? In any case we both survived.

He is all smiles these days – watching us all in complete amazement as we live our lives. The person he loves to watch more than anyone is Emma, who, he seems to understand, is his people. He stares at her while she dances or sings for him, and then he breaks out into a huge grin. He is laughing and babbling more lately too, which elicits much laughter and babbling from those around him, and so on and so on.

He is snuggly and squishy and loves to kiss and hug and none of us can imagine what our family was like before he came. We love you Will!