I haven’t talked much here about the story of Emma’s birth. It was the most affirming and powerful experience Mike and I have ever had and also the most disappointing and enraging. The positive parts of the experience for us came in spite of the way the medical establishment treated us and the whole thing has made us wonder what we will do if there is a next time.

Which brings me to a movie I am very interested in seeing – “The Business of Being Born”. The movie reportedly looks at the process of birth in our country and how, in spite of it being a natural part of life, it is also a business. Ricki Lake, whose home birth is the focus of the film, discusses in this clip that the film isn’t about everyone having a home birth, or hating hospitals, but it is about women being respected enough to be given a choice in their birth process and being educated enough to make that choice. Sounds good to me.

The international premiere is September 30 at the Zurich Film Festival and according to the film’s website it will be screening in the DC area at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House, the Washington Ethical Society, The Family Room and the Thurgood Marshall Center. Check this list for screenings across the country. In November you can rent it from Netflix and the DVD will be released in March of 2008.

Just watching the excerpts from the film on the website made me tearful. If you have ever given birth, think you might ever give birth, or know anyone who has ever given birth you should see this movie.