Un. Be. Lievable. My mouth hung open for a good minute after watching this. Please watch it, and then make sure everyone you know sees it. These assholes are just amazing.

Here is a photo of my awesome license plate. It seems fitting to post it now given the news last week about the President’s latest lie. I still enjoy watching the reactions I get on the road.

Skye is doing great and we have decided to officially adopt him – which most of you saw coming a mile away. The house has gotten a little smaller with the addition of a 50 pound dog, but it is worth it. He continues to be really sweet and trots around behind his *big* brother Moose whenever they go outside.

Oh – Happy Birthday today to one of my best friends from college – Carol Anne – and the son of my best friend from high school – Isaac. Hope you both had a great day!!

The latest news from the White House absolutely requires a post here on Just Powers, although I can’t imagine what I can add to the conversation that you haven’t already heard from the New York Times, CNN, or dailyKos. There is one thing I could use some clarification on however.

I was listening to the President’s “no-no-we-really-DO-need-to-spy-on-you” press conference yesterday and heard him say this:

“…the Iraqi people now enjoy constitutionally protected freedoms, and their leaders now derive their powers from the consent of the governed.”

Well hell, even though he was removed from my holiday card list, I was darn proud of the President for quoting the Declaration of Independence, which is, after all, one of our favorite documents here at Just Powers.

So I sat down today to write a blog post about it, and wanting to make sure I got the words right, I went to the White House website to get an exact quote of what the President said. Imagine my consternation when I saw this:

“…the Iraqi people now enjoy constitutionally protected freedoms, and their leaders now derive their powers from the consent of the government.”

Um. I am no Declaration of Independence scholar, in fact I think I used the Cliff’s notes in AP history in 11th grade, but I am pretty sure that “governed” and “government” are not interchangeable. In fact, I think doing so pretty much makes the sentence mean exactly the opposite, as in “the government is now doing whatever they want regardless of what the governed say”.

Now maybe that kind of hinky treatment of antiquated charter documents works here in the old U.S. of A. Mr. President, but surely not in Iraq. Iraq is a place for DEMOCRACY — it is for the ‘ed’ not the ‘ment’. Please tell me you just misspoke…

UPDATE: Well phew. Dick Cheney has set me straight. Turns out I did actually hear what I thought I heard. Even though he needs to look into hiring some new transcriptionists it seems the President is as big a fan of the Declaration of Independence as I am. The verdict is still out on his feelings about the Constitution.

I think I may have gotten the best license plate ever.

Best. License. Plate. Ever.

I applied for this plate a few weeks ago, after seeing a similar one in Virginia. When I searched for it I assumed it was taken, and then when I found it I assumed they would not approve it. But lo and behold, a few days ago I received a letter from the DC DMV telling me that I can pick up my new license plate in 6-8 weeks. Holy crap.

Now I am wondering what will happen once the plate is on my car – will my car be keyed? Will the plate be stolen? Will there be parades in my honor as I drive around DC?

Oh the stories I will have to tell…

Dick Cheney got a taste of his own medicine this morning during an interview with reporters. His response was to make a joke about it: “Must be a friend of John…, er, ah – never mind.” Maybe not the BEST time for a joke dick…

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