I used to think that Valentine’s Day was a grown-up holiday and anything we did to celebrate it as kids was just practice for the REAL celebration of the day that would happen in the future – when we were grown ups. Then I grew up and decided that Valentine’s Day really just causes me more trouble than it is worth (whether single or coupled).

Now I think I have come to some peace about Valentine’s Day. It is clear to me that it is a holiday concocted by the greeting card industry that as a grown up I am ok not participating in. But it is also a day that is super fun for kids – and a great opportunity to teach them to “shower the people you love with love”. I have some issues with the generally accepted concept of romantic love (that is for another post perhaps), but I am all about loving each other in a true sense and not being afraid to express it.

So – this year the kids made a list of all of their family members and spent an afternoon creating Valentine’s Day cards for them. The cutest part was that they were very clear that each card was for a specific person. No “one-card-fits-all” for these kids. They were deliberate in their art and each person got exactly the card the kids wanted them to get.

Aunt Emily and Aunt Lexi posted their cards on Facebook – one right after the other, which was funny:
Valentine's Day via Facebook

The kids made chocolate-covered heart-shaped rice crispy treats on-a-stick for their classmates and they seemed to be a big hit:
Valentine's Day

Next year I want to try these cute stained glass Valentine cards.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all those you love!