August 2010

Bethany 2010, originally uploaded by Justpowers.

We got back yesterday from our annual trip to Bethany Beach in Delaware. Can’t wait until next summer so we can go back.

William loves yogurt, originally uploaded by Justpowers.

I have been so neglectful of my “monthly updates” for William. I hope that one day he forgives me and reflects on how well-adjusted and healthy he is as a result of his mother’s slacker blogging during his youth.

So I am going to count this as a mini-monthly update for our sweet William.

What he can do:
– Sleep through the night. Most of the time. Except last night of course, but really, most other nights – sleeping much better than his 12 month old self.
– Run. He does this awesomely adorable waddly-running thing where his legs splay out ever so slightly and he giggle because he just knows someone MUST be right behind him.
– Eat with a spoon. Most of the food actually makes it into his mouth. And what doesn’t he allows me to scoop up and put back in his bowl to try again.
– Kiss. He loves to give kisses and hugs. Especially to Emma. He loves that Emma.
– Yell. He has, ahem, found his voice. And it is really loud. Sometimes his yelling is really cute, like when he sees Mike at the end of the day and shouts with joy. And sometimes it is just loud, like when I don’t get the yogurt fast enough.
– Sign. He soaks up sign language super fast these days. He knows and uses the signs for more, please, thank you, bear, plane and shoes.

We aren’t sure how he ended up so blonde (hello to the Beach side of the family!!) or so sweet, but we just can’t get enough of him these days. Those blossoming temper tantrums we could do without.