This past Tuesday we returned from our 12-day excursion to Boston. It turns out that our little family can kick it like the Von Trapps when it comes to traveling together.

As we prepared for the trip, I was most anxious about whether the four of us could successfully live in one hotel room for a week. What I have learned is that I am happy to live in almost any size space with my family as long as we have a pool to swim in whenever we want, someone to clean up after us daily, and meals that I don’t have to plan for, cook or clean up after.

No one got on anyone else’s nerves any more than usual on this trip and we all pretty much kept our cool – even when someone, who shall remain nameless, at least until he learns to talk and can defend himself – started projectile vomiting in a local restaurant. Nice huh?

Some of the highlights:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to start our trip – and hearing Emma’s excitement from the backseat: “I love trips so much! That’s why I was jumping around last night, because I’m so excited! Now we’re on the highway. This is called the beltway. Look at that big truck, and there’s lots of small cars and silver minivans. I think this is the street we go on for the airport, but that’s not a car trip, that’s for a plane….”
  • Watching the kids marvel over the planes, trains, boats and buses we could see out of our 12th story hotel room.
  • The Swan Boats, Make Way for Duckling Statues, Public Garden, Frog Pond and Boston Common. Over and over and over.
  • Spending time (albeit way too short) with, as Emma says, “KateJimJackandMolly”.
  • The Children’s Museum. So. Cool.
  • The Flour Bakery and Cafe – great vegetarian options. Went there for dinner one night. Sadly it was too crowded when we back for lunch a couple days later.
  • Molly!! Our server at M.J. O’Connor’s, the hotel restaurant, where we dined twice. She was awesome. If you ever go there, ask for her and tell her Will and Emma say hi!
  • Spending lots of time with Grammy and Grampy. When you spend most of your time solo with two kids, it is an amazing gift to have other adults around on a regular basis. Not only to help carry the literal load of the diaper bag or to push the stroller, but just to have someone to talk to who doesn’t try to negotiate or whine at you. Thanks G and G.
  • Spending July 4th weekend at Grammy and Grampy’s house in Bolton, Massachusetts, the town and house Mike grew up in. Emma decorated her bike and rode in a July 4th parade in Bolton, then spent the rest of the weekend tearing up and down the street on her bike and playing soccer in the yard with Grampy. She also got to make a July 4th cake with Grammy for the big party where we got to see all of Mike’s extended family (Hi A & A and O’Brien’s!!) and our new, 3-month old and stupendously cute nephew/cousin C. When we left (in the middle of the night of course) to go home on Tuesday morning, she cried and said “But I don’t want to leave Grammy and Grampy’s house…”
  • James Taylor and Carole King at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. I have seen James Taylor in concert many many many times. With the possible exception of the first time I saw him in high school, this was the best JT concert I have ever been to. Extra special thanks to Mike’s parents for letting us have a night off.

There were tons of other memorable moments, but I am getting sleepy and you are probably getting oh-so-slightly-tired of hearing about every little detail of our trip. Suffice to say, we had a great time and are no longer afraid of long road trips or small hotel rooms.

Or vomiting in restaurants. Ick.