February 2010


Mike’s grandmother, Emma and Will’s great-grandmother, Hester, passed away last Sunday. It was her 97th birthday.

Hester was quiet, but had a gentle strength. She cried the first time she met Emma and watched Will with intently when she met him last October. Emma was fascinated with the softness of Nana’s skin and loved the candy Nana gave her when we went to visit.

We didn’t get to see Nana nearly as much as we would have liked, since she was in Massachusetts and we are here in Maryland, but I love that I got a chance to know her at all. I am also happy that her great-grandchildren got a chance to meet her. She will be missed.

Eleven months old today

William turns 11 months old today.

Unfortunately, his “monthly” updates seem to be as sporadic as his ability to sleep through the night. I try to keep up with them, but something about having two (just one thing Jen?) prevents me from doing them as regularly as I would like. Will, when you are reading this in years to come, please know that my lack of posting is a reflection only on my inability to stay awake past 9:00 PM these days and is no reflection on your awesomeness in any way.

Things have been moving pretty fast in Will’s world in the last month or so. His sleep is still pretty much a disaster. He sleeps through the night every once in a while, but mostly is up repeatedly. In the last week or two he has only been getting up once a night, which has been a cause for celebration (if you don’t count waking up at 5:00 AM as a night wakening. Which, really, I do.)

His sleep is something we have worked hard at fixing but have finally realized that in the end he will sleep when he will sleep. He knows how to sleep, he can go down “drowsy but awake” (curse you sleep experts) and really doesn’t rely on any sleep crutches. He just happens to like a little midnight snack. I will be very very happy when he does finally sleep through the night, because clearly being sleep deprived for almost A YEAR is not one of the “pros” of parenting.

He started eating baby food at around six months, but we quickly realized that he has a super crazy gag reflex and could not tolerate any texture in anything. If he got so much as a half a grain of rice in his food he would look at us in dismay, his face would turn bright red and he would gag repeatedly until he threw up the offending interloper in his erstwhile smooth dinner. This was especially annoying when it happened at the end of a meal.

I was beginning to worry a little that he might still be eating baby food when he was five, but about two weeks ago he started eating Mum-Mums a wonderful little rice cracker that dissolves in his mouth before he can gag. He was so psyched about those that he moved on almost immediately to Cheerios, with great success. Yesterday he ate an entire meal with his fingers – mac and cheese, carrots and string cheese. It took me longer to cut it all up than it took him to eat it, but we were both thrilled. We are going to give him some steak next week and see how he does.

Back on January 4, he stood by himself for the first time, but I couldn’t get him to do it again for weeks. Recently, he got back to it and is now adept at getting himself into a standing position without holding onto anything and getting himself back down to the floor when he realizes he wants to go somewhere. Could walking be far away?

Similarly, he started rocking on his hands and knees months ago, but never could get any forward movement (although he was like lightening going backwards.) Two weeks ago, finally, he started moving forward. Within a matter of days he could move faster than I could and now I have to move with the speed of Lindsey Vonn to get things out of his way.

He adores his big sister Emma, despite her recent penchant for lying on top of him until he is rescued and she is sent to time out. He also loves the dogs, who he calls “duh duh”, and the cats, who he takes huge handfuls of, when they will let him. He has the most lovely smile and is a huge flirt, something that just gets funnier and cuter as he gets older and more aware of what he is doing.

Emma said to me yesterday “Mama, I love William.” Ditto.

Snow slide!, originally uploaded by Justpowers.

After Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon 2010 we built a snow slide out of the mound of snow created by shoveling the driveway.

Emma was a fan.

We’re playing Mama., originally uploaded by Justpowers.

Emma and Will playing together. It was sheer luck that I turned around at the very moment they were playing and even better luck that the Flip camera was within arm’s reach.

I am hoping that moments like this will outweigh moments like the one tonight where Emma sat on her brother and earned a time out in the process. Didn’t get that one on video. Sorry.