May 2009

I think I voted for the wrong guy. No I’m not talking about THAT election, that vote was perfect and my guy remains rock-solid-butt-kickingly-awesome.

I am talking about my vote for American Idol.

Let me start by saying that I loved both finalists. and believe for the most part that as far as their careers are concerned, it doesn’t much matter who won. Adam and Kris are both talented enough that each will walk away from this with a recording contract if they want to.

So, two nights ago I voted for Kris to be the next American Idol. With all of Adam’s obvious talent, it didn’t seem like his was the type of music I would find myself bopping and singing along to as I drove down the road, like I do with Jason Mraz or John Mayer. Kris’s style and voice seemed more accessible, maybe less of a challenge musically, but a better choice for the soundtrack of my life. Plus I was really really annoyed by all of the pronouncements by Paula, Kara and Simon that Adam is a “rock god” and would the winner. All things being equal, which they seemed to mostly be in this case, I will choose the underdog every time.

So I voted for Kris. Then, watching the finale last night, I thought, “huh.” As I watched Adam rock out with KISS started to wonder if I had made a mistake. If a person can convincingly sing any song from KISS to Cabaret, isn’t that pretty iconic?

Then they announced the winner and Kris was all “I don’t know what to say” and “Adam deserves this” and “I wouldn’tbe anything without the other contestants” and the humble underdawg thing went just a little too far for me. “Christ dude, OWN this!! It’s YOURS!” I wanted to scream. And suddenly my safe accessible choice seemed really lame.

This is a year about change, about stepping away from what is safe and comfortable and having the courage to stand for something new. Well, I can’t think of anything more new for American Idol than Adam Lambert. And frankly he earned it. There is an odd similarity between Nick/Norman – the flamboyant multiple personality jokester from early in the season – and Adam Lambert. Where Nick used his alter ego to poke fun at the competition, Adam used his to play it straight and make it to the finals.

In the end, I think Adam is probably the better musician, and will do just fine, but I did wake up this morning feeling guilty that I hadn’t been a little more courageous with my vote. There are plenty of Jason Mrazs and John Mayers out there, but not too many Adam Lamberts.

And Emma, who has discovered how cool band-aids are.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! I don’t know if it is being a mom to two, or a mom of a two year old, or a new mom again, but I have a new-found respect for the job of motherhood and how hard it really is to be a good mother.

So to all moms: have a great day! And a special thank you and lots of love to all of the special mothers in my life who guide me as I figure out this crazy, amazing job.

In the almost eight weeks since Will was born, we have had lots of visitors; people who came to lend us a hand as we transitioned to a family of four. They have changed sheets, gone grocery shopping, prepared meals, washed dishes, folded laundry, cleaned out litter boxes, walked the dogs, burped the baby, mowed the lawn, installed lighting fixtures, dug a garden and tons more.

What I now know as a result of these visits is that it takes at least three, preferably four, full-time adults to care for two children and maintain a household. It is a scientific fact that one person, or even two, cannot possibly do this job and stay sane. Let me be clear: It. Cannot. Be. Done.

So, since we cannot afford full-time childcare, maid service and a chef, (because all of those things count towards that 4:2 adult:child ratio) I am in search of a village. That is what it takes, I hear, so I need one. ASAP please.

Only serious applicants need apply.