September 2008

When you’re 22-months old, the two greatest things in the world are trains (“choo choo”) and merry-go-rounds (“why-oh-why”). If you say “choo choo” and “why-oh-why” over and over again, it sounds a little like the lyrics to a Kajagoogoo song. And then that song becomes another one of the greatest things in the world.

(As an added bonus, Emma is wearing her new horsey Halloween costume she just got from her friend EJ.)


I’m back. Not that I expect you to really care, since I have neglected you for so long. But nevertheless, here I am. And if any of you are still there, hi.

I would like to say that I have been doing something worthwhile since I have been gone. Something like working on the Obama campaign in Ohio, or helping victims of Hurricane Ike in Texas, or doing research on Sarah Palin in Alaska (um, yeah – WTF?), or working with Chris Dodd on the bailout plan. But alas I have not been doing any of these things.

I have mostly been sleeping, and yelling at Mike, throwing up occasionally, and feeling sick constantly. Yep. I’m pregnant. Which would be great news – really, IS great news – except for the fact that I am probably the most miserable pregnant person I know. Which is where I am now. Miserable. Sick. I am twelve weeks now, due at the beginning of April, to which you will respond – Great! The bad part is almost over! – except not so much. With Emma my miserableness lasted until around 18 weeks, so you could have six more weeks of my moaning before I start being able to marvel in the miracle. (So sorry Mike).

There is so much to catch up on – I know I owe a 20-month update on Emma (which is sitting in my draft folder right now) and a 21-month update (which I have not started, and probably never will) not to mention updates on what she is doing NOW.

The biggest thing is happening that she is talking up a storm. When we had our 18-month checkup and she really was not talking much, at all, the doctor said not to worry, but to call if we felt concerned at around 21-months. Well, pretty much ON her 21-month birthday, Emma started talking – repeating words we said to her and saying some that we had no recollection of ever teaching her in the first place. I know a lot of parents who kept track of their kids first words, and what words they knew at particular points in time, but honestly she learned so many words so quickly that I can’t even keep track anymore. I know at 19-months she was saying “bohbee” for bunny (although I think we figured out later she was actually saying “baby” which makes a little more sense) and “down rain” and “sorry”, but there wasn’t much more language until the last few weeks when she just became a torrent of words.

The other major development is that Emma moved to her big-girl bed last week and is now sleeping in it full-time. This has Mike and I reeling, but she seems really happy about it, so we are determined to NOT dump her back in the crib and insist she STOP GROWING UP. The whole thing happened kind of under the radar – she decided one day that she wanted to sleep in the bed for a nap (we set it up in her room right around the time we found out we were going to need the crib for someone else, sooner rather than later). That night, after the successful nap-in-the-bed, we looked at each other, shrugged, and asked her if she wanted to sleep in the bed again. To which she responded with vigorous nodding of her head. And that was it. We are planning (sniff) on moving the crib out of her room (sniff) this weekend.

Sheesh, there is so much more to talk about, Obama, McCain, Palin (seriously, WTF?) not to mention economic crises (I spent $250 at the grocery store this week – and we don’t eat meat. Something is very seriously wrong) and the second installment of “Bad Mother Moments”. I promise I will be back again. Right now I need to go take a nap.