June 2008

"Obama really is the best choice Gram"

Janet Sessions Beach
February 2, 1922 – June 6, 2008

With Emma (and puppy Mowgli – tucked in there on her lap) when we visited six weeks ago. She will be missed.

18 months. One and a half years. Almost two. Amazing.

Emma started out this month conquering two of her biggest demons from the last few months – separation anxiety and sleep.

One day she just seemed to decide that, actually, day care isn’t so bad after all, so no more crying. Towards the middle of the month she actually started waving goodbye to me and blowing me kisses as I left her for the day. We even started sending her to day care twice a week this month, which didn’t seem to phase her one little bit.

Just about the time I wrote this post – that very night in fact if I am remembering correctly – Emma also decided that sleep is pretty cool after all, SO sorry for all that crying before. For a good week or two Mike and I didn’t even discuss the new change, terrified that we would jinx it, but eventually we took a deep sigh of relief and realized we had made it through yet another phase in our baby’s life.

(For the record, we have stuck with the sippy cup with milk routine, although we make it half water, half milk now, in an effort to do less damage to her teeth and also ease her to all water eventually. Also – thanks to Amy and Dawn for the suggestion that we check with Moxie on sleep disruption. Turns out sleep disturbances around 18 months are pretty common. So phew, we weren’t crazy. About that at least.)

With those developmental hurdles behind her, Emma is back to being a pretty low-maintenance and fun little person to be around.

She went to Mother’s Day brunch with Grandpa and Yummy and Great Grandma Julia and Aunt Jocelyn and Uncle Mars. She went to see the butterflies at Brookside Gardens and hung out with Uncle Patrick at Taste of Wheaton. And for Memorial Day weekend she hung out in Chestertown, Maryland with her aunts Jocelyn and Emily, Grandpa, Yummy and Uncle Mars.

We finally picked up some words this month – “round and round”, “down”, “water”. She will occasionally look at us earnestly and speak some sort of gibberish that clearly means something but that we cannot for the life of us figure it out. That is the worst. We will get there though, I am sure of it. She has also added “please” and “thank you” to the sign language she uses on a regular basis.

At her 18 month check up she was 32 1/2 inches long and weighed 23.2 lbs – still kind of a peanut. She is the only child I know whose clothing size is actually her age.

Summer with her is going to a ball.


Senator Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination for President tonight with 2,130 delegates, well over the 2,118 required to win the nomination.

I don’t think there is much that needs to be said really, except that I am so happy, for all of us.