W Lied on Boston.com

Ever since I got this license plate (and the DC version before it)I have had fun watching the reaction it elicits. As I drive down the street I either get smiles and thumbs ups, or nasty glares and the occasional finger, although in the DC area mostly the former. I have also had a bunch of notes left on my car – pro and con – all of which I have kept. My favorite one is also the most recent – “JERK!”.

Now that we have a new car, it seems like a good time to retire these plates. It is a new time, one without W, and hopefully one with a rebirth of hope nationwide.

Luckily the plate will live on since it has been posted on several different blogs and forums. Here is where I have seen it:

Now we just need to figure out what our next plates will say. BARACK ?

Photo by Flickr user Agent Relaxed