January 2008

I read a few blogs almost every day – Her Bad Mother, Alex Year One, My Merry Way, Julia at Here Be Hippogriffs (who just had TWINS for gods sake – and here I am about to whine about not having time to blog), A Parent in Silver Spring (an awesome new blog for parents in Silver Spring, MD btw) – and I am constantly amazed at how often these ladies blog, and how good their blog posts are – full of wit and insights and compelling content that keeps me coming back for more.

I hate that more than a week has gone by since I blogged. Maybe if I didn’t work full time I would be more consistent? Or maybe if I didn’t work from home full time – because ironically I think I would have plenty of time to blog if I were in the office five days a week. My days are filled with chasing Emma, cleaning up breakfast/lunch/dinner, getting ready for breakfast/lunch/dinner, checking work email whenever I can so as to put out any fires, and trying to keep up my job when Emma naps.

I think about blogging constantly, but somehow I find myself at the end of each day completely exhausted and wanting to just curl up and go to sleep. I compose wonderful, witty essays about my experience as a parent and about Emma’s adventures. But I compose them in my head, and by the time I get to write them down, they have disappeared, along with this week’s grocery list that I neglected to jot down when I had the chance.

So, for those of you who blog, here is my question for you – how do you do it? How do you find time to raise your children, keep your house in order, possibly work an outside job, take care of yourself (by which I mean take a shower occasionally) AND write those great blog posts that you write with inspiring yet daunting regularity? I really would love any tips, thoughts or pointers you might have.

For about four or five months now we have been using some very simple signs with Emma – “cat”, “finished”, “more”. I know American Sign Language and want her to know some basic signs, and also want her to be be able to communicate with us before her language skills are fully developed. So far, she has watched me sign to her with great amusement, but has never used the signs herself. She also has not started talking yet, although she clearly understands what is said to her.

The other day, Mike said to me, “Emma finished her bottle tonight, pulled it out of her mouth and I could swear she waved it goodbye.” “Huh,” I said. But then I saw her do it. Repeatedly. “Oh cute,” I thought “she’s waving goodbye to everything.”

FINALLY, about a week after I first saw it, it dawned on me that she was signing “finished,” not waving goodbye. “Finished” is very similar to “goodbye,” especially for a baby who has never done it before. Um, DUH. And also, HOLY CRAP my baby is signing!!

Tonight at dinner she pointed to her food on the table, just out of her reach, and gave us her signature “Eh!” We both asked her if she wanted more, and did the sign out of habit. Then, she put her pudgy little hands together and signed “more.”

I am sure, maybe sometime fairly soon, I will be yearning for the days when she couldn’t tell me her likes and dislikes. For now though, I am totally excited about her ability to communicate.

W Lied on Boston.com

Ever since I got this license plate (and the DC version before it)I have had fun watching the reaction it elicits. As I drive down the street I either get smiles and thumbs ups, or nasty glares and the occasional finger, although in the DC area mostly the former. I have also had a bunch of notes left on my car – pro and con – all of which I have kept. My favorite one is also the most recent – “JERK!”.

Now that we have a new car, it seems like a good time to retire these plates. It is a new time, one without W, and hopefully one with a rebirth of hope nationwide.

Luckily the plate will live on since it has been posted on several different blogs and forums. Here is where I have seen it:

Now we just need to figure out what our next plates will say. BARACK ?

Photo by Flickr user Agent Relaxed

I know I have been a complete slacker about getting pictures from the last month – huge apologies to out-of-town family and friends who have been waiting (especially Aunt Emily and Aunt Lexi, who both called me on my slackeryness – sorry guys!!). Here are all the pix from the last month or so. Each picture you see links to a set on flickr.

So old...

Emma’s first birthday. “The Artsy Caterpillar” picture was a complete mistake, but I like the way it turned out.

With Aunt Lexi

Emma’s first Christmas in New Jersey with Poppy, Nonnie, Aunt Lexi and Great Gram. During most of these pictures she was pretty sick, only we didn’t know it yet. Of course now that we look back at them, we can see it. She was up every 45 minutes that night – teething we think. Or maybe she was just mad she had to sleep and couldn’t play with the Cheetah?

Holiday Card photo

Christmas Eve. Actually this picture isn’t from Christmas Eve, it was our Holiday card picture. But I love it, so I included it here. In most of the pictures in this set and in the next set from Christmas Day, Emma was, again, sick. Christmas Eve she was up until 4, throwing up every 15 minutes. Christmas Night she only threw up once before passing out. She still hung in with us throughout the day without complaining. What a trooper.

Gift Multitasking

Santa came! Even though she was sick, she really got into opening gifts. She actually played with each of her presents and seemed to genuinely enjoy each one. The little gray dress with the pink shirt is one of the cutest things I have seen her in.

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