August 2007

Uncle Andy and Aunt Alyson’s wedding was great – perfect weather, beautiful ceremony (except when part of the chuppa fell on Uncle Andy’s head – ouch!) and lots of fun all the way around. Emma enjoyed dressing up (not really) and seeing all of her New England family (really).

We got home over a week ago and it has taken me this long to recover enough to get back to my blog. Summer is great – the vacations, traveling and activities – but there is a secret part of me that craves the structure and ritual that fall and the back to school season brings. Even though I don’t have anyone going back to school in my house, I have some internal clock that knows it is time to refocus and re-establish a rhythm for my life.

We had a wonderful summer – I can’t think of a better one – filled with family visits and celebrations and a good amount of relaxation. Now I find myself looking forward to a few slower months where we can get some work done on the house, I can get caught up at my non-mommy job and we can just enjoy the passage of time.

We are off to Newport, Rhode Island today for Mike’s brother’s wedding. The wedding is tomorrow, but we are staying a few extra days so Grammy and Grampy can get their Emma fix. Well, plus there are all those mansions to see. Should be a wonderful wedding and a nice break for us. Congratulation Alyson and Andy!

Un. Be. Lievable. My mouth hung open for a good minute after watching this. Please watch it, and then make sure everyone you know sees it. These assholes are just amazing.

I have two jobs. I am the primary caregiver for my daughter Emma, I am also the legal administrator for a private adoption agency. I am a mommy full time, and I am a legal administrator the rest of the time.

When we had Emma we knew we needed my income, so being a full-time stay-at-home mom was not an option. We also knew, even with my income, that full-time childcare in any form was going to be very difficult for us, both emotionally and financially. This meant we were going to have to get creative. What we came up with is the hybrid arrangement we have now. I go to my office one day a week and make up the rest of my 35-ish hours a week telecommuting from home – during naps, in the evenings and on weekends. We have a babysitter who comes for the one day I am in the office, and then one or two other afternoons during the week, for a total of about 15 hours a week, but I am the one with Emma the majority of the time.

I have, in the past, worked for a company or two that claimed to be progressive and concerned with the happiness of its employees. When push came to shove, that turned out to not be true. I am incredibly grateful to now have a truly progressive boss who cares about my family and my happiness.

I am planning on writing a lot more about my experiences as a work-at-home mom, partly because I feel a little lonely in my not quite working mom/not quite SAHM status and I could use some company. I am also hoping writing about it will help me organize the experience, because the bottom line is that I still don’t know if it’s working. I have days when I feel like the luckiest mom around, to be able to hang out with my daughter and still work as a professional on a team of adults. Then there are days when I can’t imagine what made me think this would work as I look at my email inbox, the blinking message light on my phone, my screaming child and the piles of laundry building up all around me. So maybe writing about it will give me some perspective. I can only hope.

Waterbabies report card

Emma was in waterbabies swim class for the last two weeks. This meant that we went to the pool together every morning and splashed around for 30 minutes. Not bad work if you can get it, especially when it is 100+ degrees. Yay for DC in the summer.

Emma was a big fan of swim class. She loved kicking and jumping off the wall, and especially loved watching me blow bubbles and go underwater. When it came time for her to go underwater she was less enthused. Every time I dunked her she would come back up sputtering and with her eyes wide open, with a look on her face that said “LADY, WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?” Some of her classmates never even went under the water though, so I was very proud of her, even if the feeling was not mutual.

On the final day of class all of the babies got report cards. Emma got a 3 out of 3 on “Kick, Kick, Kick” and a 1 on “Blowing Bubbles”. Understandable since she was a rock star with the kicking and didn’t blow a single bubble till the last day. She got a 2 on “Go Underwater,” though, as did the aforementioned classmates who never went under. I know this because we mommies compared our kids’ report cards after class. The mommies of the non-underWaterbabies were amazed that Emma had not been rewarded with a 3 for her efforts.

As I discussed this with Mike on IM, we both, with very little irony, agreed that our baby was clearly the best swimmer in the class and obviously the teacher had just gotten it wrong. Harumph. Then there was a pause in our conversation as we both had the same thought. Oh my god, we had become those parents. The parents whose kids can do no wrong. The parents who CLEARLY are better judges of their kid’s accomplishments than any so-called teacher. The parents I have always looked at with contempt because of their inability to see that their child might not be perfect.

I guess we have a few more years to get this under control before Emma’s teachers become the victims of our love-of-child induced psychosis. Better get to work.

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