It is my 36th birthday today. This birthday seems totally irrelevant as compared to the birth day I had two and a half weeks ago when my daughter Emma was born. She was three weeks and four days away from her due date when my water broke, and she is a little peanut – 5 lbs. 6 oz. and 18 1/4″ long. She is an amazing little creature who almost never cries unless she is hungry and is infinitely patient with her parents as we struggle to learn all about her. (Pictures of her via flickr can be found to the right)

Having Emma has given me a very different perspective on my birthday. It has made me think about the day I gave birth to her, and what my mom and dad’s experiences were of having me. Now that I know what goes into making a birthday, it nakes me think more about what was happening on this day 36 years ago and what I will tell my daughter about the story of her birth in years to come.

It is a whole new world.