September 2006

Austin City Limits Music Festival was this past weekend in Austin, Texas. Mike and I met up in Austin (he travelled from Albuquerque, I came from DC) and had a great weekend listening to rockin’ music and eating fabulous food. Every day started out with a plate of migas or enchiladas at Las Manitas, since it will be moving soon. Thanks Marriott.

Since there is so much to tell about the festival and it could take me until next year to put THAT blog post together, I am just going to do a quick rundown of some of the highlights.

Best Act – KT Tunstall
Best Stage Show – Massive Attack
Best “New to Me” Act – Oliver Mtukudzi and Black Spirits
Best Guest Appearance – G. Love during Ben Harper‘s show
Most Disappointing Act – Van Morrison
Most Annoying Crowd – Matisyahu (no reflection on him or the band – they were awesome)
Worst Sound – Willie Nelson (maybe Willie’s sound guy travels on the bus with him?)

The organizers of ACL did an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly. If we ate at off-peak times – 4:00 instead of 6:00 for example – the food lines were completely manageable (otherwise there was up to an hour wait). It seemed like every bus in the city was on duty providing free shuttles from the festival to a location in downtown Austin. There were hundreds of mostly clean port-a-potty’s all over the park and we never once had to wait for one (this is key when you are 26 weeks pregnant).

The 98 degree heat every day kind of got on our nerves, but there were two AT&T/Cingular tents with air conditioning – so even there, the ACL folks had thought of everything. Ten minutes in the air conditioning every few hours and we were ready to brave the heat and rock out.

You can check out some of my photos from ACL here, as well as other people’s photos here. The festival was wonderful and we will definitely go back, but probably not until the little one is out of diapers…

I have had several people ask me if this blog is going to turn into a pregnancy blog. Since it is my blog, and I am pregnant, I guess I feel like it is, by default, a pregnancy blog. I really don’t want to ever be that woman, the one who is completely obsessed with her pregnancy/child and talks about them ad nauseum to anyone who will listen. Maybe it is inevitable to become her, but I am going to fight it to the bitter end. On the other hand, I have read a few pregnancy blogs and have found them to be not so much self-indulgent as informative and fun to read. So, friends, I will talk about my pregnancy here but if I don’t address something about being pregnant that you are particularly curious about, feel free to ask.

Here is what I have learned so far:
– Just like you register when you get married, you are expected to register when you are having a baby. Doing a baby registry is by far the most complicated and overwhelming thing I have had to do in a LOOONG time. I always thought the wedding industry was an amazing thing – lots of services and things for your wedding that you are eventually convinced you HAVE to have. The baby industry puts the wedding industry to shame. Seriously. So far I have managed to register for a car seat, a stroller and a portable crib and then I had to quit. I have finally called in a professional – a friend who has a one and a half year old – and am hoping she can guide me through the rest of it.

– In my experience, when a baby moves inside you, it is not unlike the feeling I imagine the innocent victims in Alien must have felt, right before the little baby alien comes exploding out of their abdomen. I am probably going to get in a lot of trouble here, but it has to be said – it’s a little weird. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely moments where it is miracle-ish and amazing, especially when someone else can feel it too. But a lot of the time, especially when I am sleeping or focused on something else, my reaction is much less “Aww” and much more “What the f*** is tha….oh, right”. Since this is my first time doing this, I don’t know if this baby moves more than usual, or if there even is a “usual” but I can tell you that she (yes, it’s a girl, insomuch as we can know for sure) is incredibly strong and will either be a world class soccer player or a ROCKIN’ kickboxer. Or she is going to be the mother of all aliens.

– There is almost nothing as fun as Fantasy Football. Oh, sorry – yeah, that has nothing to do with being pregnant – but MAN it is FUN. Our friends Jim and Kate asked us to join their league this year, and having absolutely no idea what we were getting into, we said yes. We drafted Tiki Barber, Donovan McNabb and Jamal Lewis, among others, and I am officially obsessed. I have always loved football, but playing Fantasy Football has helped me enjoy it on an entirely new level.

Gotta run, Tiki is playing the Colts and could use some moral support.