March 2006

So Skye has been here almost 24 hours. In that time, I have come to the conclusion that life is just better with dogs, lots of dogs, of all colors, sizes and kinds. Skye is a true joy. He is gentle, good natured and affectionate, if a little shy upon first meeting someone new. When Moose met him, both dogs wagged their tails. For those of you who know Moose, you will understand the miracle that represents.

The only slight challenge has been the cats. Skye doesn’t understand why they don’t just come up and say hi like Moose did, and they don’t understand why he won’t just leave them the hell alone. They have established a mutual understanding though – they won’t hiss if he won’t bark, so all is well.

Skye is looking for a home

My New Year’s resolution this year was to “get my house in order”. It seemed like an appropriate goal to share with the entire family when asked at Christmas dinner, and yet is just amorphous enough that I won’t feel guilty at the end of the year if I don’t quite hit the target. Not like, say, “lose 70 pounds” or “remember every birthday of everyone I know”, both completely unreasonable although nice to daydream about.

So here is my first attempt at getting my house in order — keeping everyone here up to date on what has been happening in my life recently. In no particular order, here goes (oh yeah, and you have to read to the end to find out what this photo is all about):

  • Mike and I went on an amazing vacation a few weeks ago to the Virgin Islands. We stayed at Maho Bay on St. John for most of the trip and can’t recommend it enough. It was gorgeous and peaceful and everything you would want in a vacation. Some of our photos are here and here.
  • My last day of work at EchoDitto was last Tuesday. Also, coincidentally, the same day Chris Bell won the Democratic primary in Texas and became the nominee in the race for Governor in November. The Bell campaign was my favorite client while I worked at EchoDitto, so I guess it is fitting that their win should come on my last day there.
  • It looks like I will be starting a new job next week as the Domestic Program Administrator at Adoptions Together, an adoption agency in Silver Spring. I will be responsible, in part, for the domestic program’s database of birth mothers and adoptive families, working with foster families and maybe even the occasional infant discharge from the hospital. No, Mom, this doesn’t mean I am adopting a baby — just because I work there, doesn’t mean I get to take one home. Besides being part of a great team of people and doing work that really makes a difference in people’s lives, the thing I am probably the most excited about is working closely with my friend Kate, who is the social worker there.
  • Mike is at the incomparable South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin until tomorrow. He seems to be mostly staying away from the grackles, eating lots of migas and burning the candle at both ends.
  • As spring arrives in DC (82 degrees yesterday — insane for March) I am overcome with the desire to garden my little heart out. I will let you know how that turns out. The first year in a new garden is always challenging, since you are never quite sure what greenery will pop up next. It has been so warm here the last couple days that I have been tempted to start planting, but I know it is just a fluke and we will probably get at least one more cold snap before it is safe to expose new buds to the elements.
  • And finally — I clearly have too much idle time on my hands — last week I came across a dog named Skye (see photo above) who spoke to me through the internets saying “Foster me! I can’t stand the kennel for one more second!”. Who am I to ignore such messages? So of course I contacted Homeward Trails, the rescue league working with him, had a home visit on Sunday and it looks as though Skye will arrive this Thursday. We really really have no intention of adopting him, but would like to help him find a permanent home, so let me know if you might be interested. I will let you know what Moose thinks after Skye arrives.

Today isYesterday was Blog Against Sexism Day and International Women’s Day.

There are times when sexism can be a hard thing to put your finger on, and other times when it is not. In any case, what is clear is that sexism still exists, and it is up to all of us to be on the lookout for it.

My hope for today is this – I would like to go to the list of bloggers who participated in Blog Against Sexism Day and see just as many male bloggers on the list as female. So if you are reading this post and you have a blog – please, take just a few moments to post something today and spread the word that women rock.

Update: Ok, so I was one day off. But shouldn’t EVERY DAY be blog against sexism day? Please join me today on “The Day After Blog Against Sexism Day” and speak out for all women everywhere.

Huge congratulations go out today to Chris Bell and all the folks working on his campaign for Texas Governor. Chris won a big victory yesterday in the Democratic primary, winning the nomination with 64% of the vote.

Mike and I had the pleasure of working with the Bell campaign for about six months last year, helping them with their website and blog and even doing a few podcasts. Chris and his team are great people – funny, smart as hell and really interested in making things better in Texas. Ok, ok, and I may have just the slightest crush on Chris.

If you know anyone in Texas, do me a favor and make sure they know about Chris and the campaign. He definitely has a shot in November against current Governor Rick Perry, but he can use all the help he can get. In fact, if you have a little spare change to send Chris’s way that would be great too.