November 2005

The new refrigerator

The new stove

Mike and I closed on the new house on Tuesday. Now we are living in a sea of boxes that rivals the forts I used to play in in my basement when I was a kid.

We took a little trip to Sears (since they were having a killer no-interest-no-payment-till-Jan-’07 sale) and picked up a couple things for the kitchen. Nothing like a little stainless steel to make you feel like a grownup (that and a mortgage).

Now we are trying to figure out if we should completely remodel the kitchen and if we do, how far do we go? Should we just get new cabinets and stick with the current layout? Or should we go crazy and knock down a couple walls since the kitchen is a little small and remodeling would increase our resale value?

We will probably come down somewhere in between, maybe new cabinets and a new layout, but no destruction of walls. For now it is just fun to play with the kitchen planner at Ikea and argue about which cabinet design we will choose.

My new purchaseThis is a picture of my new house. I wasn’t planning on buying a house. I never thought in a million years that I could afford any house that I would actually want. And yet, there it is. My new house.

I am actually buying the house from my sister, which doesn’t mean a cut in price necessarily since she needs the money to buy her dream house in Bethesda. It does mean we can pretty much move in whenever we want to and the contract process was painless (except for the bimbo realtor…but that is another story). The house is great with a huge backyard that Moose can frolic in, once we get a gate installed.

Jocelyn and her husband Brad move out tomorrow, into a great house in Bethesda (Congratulations you guys!!) and Mike and I officially close on November 15 and move on November 19.

The only bad part about the whole thing is leaving the best-house-in-the-whole-world and our great roommate Emily. If you know of anyone looking for a great house to live in for cheap – let me know.

Oh yeah, and I am a little bummed that I will eventually have to register my car in Maryland, decreasing the amount of time I can piss people off with my license plate. Maybe I can snag the Maryland version and make a complete set.