October 2005

The National Zoo announced Butterstick’s new name this morning. After weeks of online voting from fans of the panda cub, and waiting 100 days–a Chinese tradition–we finally found out this morning what the cub’s name will be. “Tai Shan” means “Peaceful Mountain” and as one who has spent many hours peering at him on the PandaCam I can say that the name fits.

Although I was pretty fond of “Butterstick” (and will probably continue to call him that) Tai Shan is a good official name. I think I even voted for it.

I think I may have gotten the best license plate ever.

Best. License. Plate. Ever.

I applied for this plate a few weeks ago, after seeing a similar one in Virginia. When I searched for it I assumed it was taken, and then when I found it I assumed they would not approve it. But lo and behold, a few days ago I received a letter from the DC DMV telling me that I can pick up my new license plate in 6-8 weeks. Holy crap.

Now I am wondering what will happen once the plate is on my car – will my car be keyed? Will the plate be stolen? Will there be parades in my honor as I drive around DC?

Oh the stories I will have to tell…