July 2005

On AMERICAblog today, a chilling overview of how the Bush Administration is connected to the bombings that occurred in London last week.

The short version is: the terror alert was raised during the Democratic convention last summer, Tom Ridge held a press conference outlining threats against financial institutions in NYC and DC. This led reporters to do some digging and find out that the threats against the US were discovered on a laptop computer seized during the arrest of Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan in Pakistan earlier in the summer. As the media is wont to do, they reported the story. Only problem is, after Khan was arrested he was turned and was serving as a mole for our side. Once his arrest was made public, all of his contacts fled. The British were able to get some of them during a high speed chase, but were concerned that some of them got away. The threats on the seized laptop included plans for attacks against financial institutions in the US, but also plans for bombing the London subway.

Wouldn’t it have been so easy for the administration to say “We have clear evidence of threats against the United States. The information is highly classified” or something to that effect? Did there really have to be a detailed description of the threats?

What a nightmare.

Went to Cape Cod last week with Mike and his family. Despite the clouds and rain we had a good time. It was kind of nice to be off-line for most of the week too. Sometimes keeping up with everything gives me a headache. But now that I am back, here goes:

Borf got arrested last night. Rehnquist went to the hospital today. And NASA delayed the launch of the space shuttle.

There is so much more – London, Karl Rove, train accident in Pakistan…but my head hurts again. Maybe I should just go back to Cape Cod.