May 2005

When Mike and I were working at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the last election, we used as a central theme for rallying folks around the cause of electing democrats to Congress. We thought we were so smart.

Saw this bumper sticker on a car yesterday, reinforcing the widely held belief that there are no new ideas.

Go Dick.

Things are changing so quickly on my computer I can barely keep up. My site is now in WordPress, with a nice new photo. I still have to work on customizing it a little, like fixing some of the colors in the headlines so everything matches, and getting rid of some of the sidebar items (like pages…what is that anyway?)

I also upgraded to Tiger recently and I have this horrible nagging guilt that I am just not using it to its full potential. There are things I know I am not using yet, like the RSS reader in Safari, and the widgets on the dashboard. And then there have got to be dozens of things I don’t even know about yet.

To go back to the widgets for a second – I currently have the calculator, the clock, the calendar and the weather widget for DC (which never seems to work). What are the widgets you just can’t live without? The ones that a) make you more productive than you ever thought possible or b)are so fun you can’t imagine life without them…

Emily asked me recently what my favorite blog is. If you have never read Julia go check out her blog. It may not be your cup of tea (wife and mother of one writing about trying to have a second child and the miscarriages and IVF cycles she experiences as a result). But even if you don’t appreciate the subject matter, it is worth a visit just to experience her writing style – full of snark and completely void of self-pity. Definitely my favorite blog these days.

No, not that deal.

The blog-specialist at my house has taken my formerly ugly, spam-ridden, non-WordPress blog and made it beautiful, spam-free (and comment friendly! hint hint) and WordPress based – all the while battling a life-threatening cold. In exchange, I have agreed to put an end to the “Fix my blog” filibuster. Both sides are content for now, and feel confident they got the better end of the deal.

Moose is so excited he can’t stop snoring.


Hanging out at St. Ex on Saturday with Emily, Michael, Mike, Reva, Anne etc.

I was hanging out with them, she was hanging out with a bunch of folks nowhere near as cool.

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