February 2005

Just in case you missed it, let me repeat, Verizon sucks. I will spare you most of the ridiculous details, but let me just say that I called on January 19 to transfer my phone and DSL service to our new address and as of today, February 25, I still have no DSL service.

My original ready date for DSL was February 15 and since then I have spent countless hours, and I do mean HOURS, on the phone with everyone from Customer Service to Retention(?) to the Customer Advocacy Team (who has yet to advocate for me – at all.)

Last week I left work early to come home and troubleshoot, because a technician promised me that everything should be working, only to have them tell me once I got here that it is not working yet and sorry – there is nothing we can do.

This past Monday I got an email letting me know that my new service ready date is February 15. Huh??

Today was the kicker. I spoke with someone in customer service who has been trying to deal with the issue for me over the past week. She called me on her break to let me know she is still looking into it, and has some notes on it but couldn’t talk to me anymore because she needed to get back online answering customer service calls. When I pointed out that I, in fact, AM a customer service call, and maybe she could just finish with me before getting back to “work” she got very frustrated with me and sounded really nervous that she was going to get in big trouble for being on the phone with me…HUH??

In the space of one hour today I have been told that I have a new service ready date of March 3, March 8 and March 15 and that it is a “load coil” order on my line that is now holding things up.

It completely blows my mind that a multi-million dollar corporation like Verizon can be so bad at their job – and that they still corner the market on phone and internet service.

I am sitting here waiting for a call back from yet another person at Verizon – who really understands my frustration – and my bottom line is that if they can’t get my DSL on today or Monday at the latest, I am calling Earthlink.

Verizon sucks.

Last night I went to dinner in Philadelphia with six friends from college. I am really lousy at staying in touch – with anyone – so it was a serious reunion. Steve promised to send along the pictures he took, so as soon as I get them I will post a couple here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the evening, and I am sure no one else really did either. It is very odd to go for years and years without talking to someone you spent so many pivotal, personality changing moments with. How do you ever catch up on 13 years of life?

As I sat listening to my old friends talk about their kids, their husbands, their houses, I was really amazed to notice that none of us have changed a bit. Carol Anne and I noticed this later and both commented that of course we have changed…but of course we probably haven’t either. I would like to say that my friends have all put on weight or have a few more wrinkles, but it seems I am the only one struggling in those areas…DAMN.

My entries seem to have been somewhat spread out lately, and seem to happen only once a month or so – I guess I am due.


I am sitting in a new Wegman’s supermarket in Chester Springs, PA (or somewhere near there, everything kind of looks the same out here in the ‘burbs). They designed this SUPERmarket with a cafe for the weary shopper who might be overcome by hunger pangs as they wander the aisles. And this store is so big, a shopper could definitely require sustenance by the time she or he finishes finding everything on their list.

So anyway, they have a cafe that Mike and I came to for lunch. Once we stepped inside the doors we found ourselves whisked away to a provincial town in Tuscany. The whole thing is made to look like a town square and each food stall is like a little shop in said town. It is like it’s own little pavilion at Epcot, without the warm weather and a heck of a lot cheaper, if not a little cheesier.

We were both sort of amazed by the whole thing, until Mike pointed out that what they are going for here is the feel of a place like Reading Terminal Market without the pesky independent foodsellers to contend with. Oh yeah, and free wireless.