What a month.

Had Christmas in New Jersey, turned 34, had another Christmas in DC, had New Year’s Eve in Alexandria, had another Christmas in Boston, and got sick.

Meanwhile, out in the world: a tsunami hit southeast Asia, a mudslide hit California, floods hit Ohio, a heatwave(sort of) hit the east coast, followed closely by a blizzard, and an inauguration hit Washington, D.C.

Mike and I move next Monday and because of my being sick and Mike working too much, we haven’t even started packing. Can’t wait to be in the new house though. Out of town readers, don’t forget we have a spare room – just let us know you are coming and it is yours.

Watching the Eagles playoff game – since the Redskins went down in a blaze of glory this year, the iggles are all I have left. E-A-G-L-E-S!! EAGLES! (still wish it were the ‘Skins)