December 2004

Mike and I found out last night we are going to be moving into the best house in the whole world. Our friend Emily actually found the place on Craig’s List and the three of us went to see it last Wednesday.

The owners, who are living there until they move to a new place in January, are great and in addition to having the best house in the world, may possibly have the most beautiful children in the world – one of whom was only six days old when we saw the house. I was amazed that they were showing the house. If I had just had a baby, I would be holed up in my bedroom for six months- completely disfunctional and unable to deal with anything. Perhaps this is why I do not, in fact, have a baby…

Anyway, as much as we love our current landlords, and living in Adams Morgan, the space we are in is just a little too tight for us. That, and there is no jacuzzi tub.

UPDATE: Turns out they have the best dog in the world too. Emily and Mike and I are currently trying to figure out how to get him thrown in with the whole deal.

I love crossword puzzles. I am no good at them mind you, I usually can’t even finish the puzzle in the back of the free daily Express I get on the way to the metro, but I still love them. Maybe it is genetic. My grandfather used to do them obsessively, in pen. He was really really good at them. Apparently I got the “love crosswords” gene and not the “really really good at crosswords” gene. Hmph.

I was on a train last week and watched as my co-traveller, Gina Glantz, channeled my grandfather’s spirit and finished a crossword puzzle faster than anyone I have ever seen. I sat across from her, staring in amazement, as she filled in every single blank square on a New York Times crossword puzzle, without pausing, until there were no blank squares left. She brushed off my admiration and explained that she was doing a Monday New York Times, so there really was no challenge whatsoever. Um, yeah.

Gina then went on to complain that even the Sunday New York Times puzzles are not that hard anymore. She sent me a copy of the puzzle so I could see just how simple and ridiculous the Sunday Times has gotten. Um, yeah.

I am thinking of sending Gina one of my Express crosswords, to show her just how easy “easy” really is. I guess if I am going to do that, I better finish one first.

The former New England Chairman of the Bush/Cheney campaign was just indicted on charges that he participated in jamming the Democrats get-out-the-vote phone lines in 2002. He is the second man charged in the incident.

One of the races affected by the GOTV calls was Jeanne Shaheen’s run against Republican John Sununu. Sununu won by 20,000 votes…

I hate Politics.

If only George Bush had considered sending bloggers to Iraq before he sent in the troops. Iranian bloggers number upwards of 70,000 and are having the types conversations and sharing the news that is not allowed on the more traditional media channels. The Iranian regime is, of course, very nervous about this type of uncontrollable free speech and there are even reports that bloggers are being jailed.

While no one should have to live in such a way, it makes me kind of happy inside to know that underground revolution continues to find its way through the centuries. First the underground railroad, then the French resistance, and now bloggers. Amazing.