September 2004

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Wonkette reported today about this blimp I saw on my way to work. It was very surreal to see it in the sky over Rock Creek Park and all I could think was “This is no used-car-lot-salesman-buy-my-cars blimp. This is the real thing.”

And apparently it’s a security blimp? This is George Bush’s plan to keep me safe? How odd.

Jimmy Carter says the voting system is broken.

C’mon now, are you really all that surprised?


I had to say goodbye today to one of my best friends in the world. She stuck with me through thick and thin for 11 long years. She sang to me and let me cry into her neck and loved tomatoes. She always seemed to be smiling even though she experienced immeasurable pain and always forgave me when I was in a bad mood.

My whole body aches with her gone. I will miss her forever.


A member of the audience pulls a demonstrator’s hair as he forces her out of an auditorium where President Bush was addressing a crowd of supporters at Byers Choice in Colmar, Pa. Thursday Sept. 9, 2004. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

Colmar, PA was such a peaceful place before those lousy protesters arrived.

It occurred to me today that none of my friends or family really know what I do. So here, for your enjoyment, is a short tutorial in Jennifer’s life.

I moved to DC in April so I could work for Change for America, and not long after I started working for EchoDitto.

EchoDitto is a company started by some of the folks who made the Dean Campaign great – Nicco Mele, Jim Brayton, Harish Rao, Michael Silberman among others. These creative minds wanted to bring to others the tools they had developed and worked with on the campaign. This internet strategy and web development firm is the outcome.

My role in the company is Online Organizer. I work on one of the larger contracts the company has, at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (explaining what they do is another blog entry entirely). I work every day at Democratic national headquarters, which is kind of cool – saw Terry McAuliffe today. My job is basically to use the internet to help the DCCC build its volunteer and donor base – so that we can make sure to win a Democratic Majority in Congress this November.

The big project I am working on now is Majority Parties – a series of national house parties on September 26. If I haven’t hit you up to host one no doubt I will soon, since I am pretty much in charge of them!

The job is pretty stressful a lot of the time, and the hours are long (explaining why I never call any of you – lame I know), but I feel like I am doing something pretty important. Whether Kerry wins or not, having a Democratic congress could make a huge difference in the future of our country.

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