July 2004

I set this blog up a few months ago – mostly because I wanted an email address that didn’t change everytime I change (or don’t have) a job. At first I had wonderful visions of becoming the pre-eminent female political blogger. I would notice and understand things that others missed. I would become more popular than Kos and would open the door to political blogging for women everywhere.

Uh, yeah.

So, I have decided to just make this my place. My diary. Filled with what is happening in my life – which, let’s face it, is mostly political. But I am going to let myself off the hook with the whole “best-blogger-in-the-whole-world-and-mother-of-all-women-bloggers-to-come”. Cause really, Wonkette has kind of done that anyway.

So welcome friends and family. Make lots of comments. Come back often. This may be the best way to keep up with me between now and November.

Florida election officials have decided to scrap the list of 48,000 people that would be used to block convicted felons from voting this year. Why you might ask? Because only one-tenth of 1% were Hispanic names – in a state where 20% of the population is Hispanic. And that just doesn’t look good for the GOP.

If you didn’t know better, you might get suspicious knowing that the majority of Hispanics in Florida are registered Republicans and 90% of African-Americans in Florida are registered Democrats. You might think there was a deliberate effort to leave Hispanics off the list. You might think that even though it is illegal in Florida for convicted felons to vote, the Republicans were willing to turn their heads as long as the felons were voting Republican.

No, no, this was just a data-error.

Well, all I have to say is thank goodness they caught their mistake, before it had a real impact. Wouldn’t want to see an election hinge on a few hundred votes.